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About Us
Wooden Crane
Who we are
We are a team of 10+ people focuses on traditional game components that increase gaming experience.

As Wooden Crane, we are “gamers” before anything else. What makes us different is that we are starting our journey from the gamers’ needs from the first eye. And then we are validating our solutions with gamers from all around the world.

Our team consists of designers, engineers, graphic artists and developers. We design and produce everything in house and with our production ecosystem. Our experienced partners and employees have minimum 10+ years experience in wood, plastic and metal industry.

We do projects locally and globally. Not only we choose only high quality materials for our products, but also we are putting high attention to details to make them look great.

Our aim is to make durable, eye-catching and useful products in premium class.

To achieve this, we follow the process below:

  • Defining the needs of gamers
  • Prototyping in accordance with gamers from different ages and backgrounds
  • Testing the prototypes in terms of comfort, usability, durability and design
  • Updating the prototypes and shaping them to reach ultimate products.
  • Preparing our products for mass production.
  • Preparing our production line to produce as fast as possible without compromising the quality.
  • Starting the mass production and deliver the items to our customers with the safest and fastest way.
Design Team
s2m Production Line
OUR dıfference
desıgnın YOUR gamıng experıence
from the begınnıng
Forget about your previous gaming experiences. With our solutions, you will be enjoying our user friendly solutions with affordable prices.

Our main focus is making products with passion. If do not feel any passion about what we are doing, then we prefer not to do it at all. Because we know that only passion can bring “a real product”. A real product means difference for us, durability and an extraordinary perspective.

What makes us different is not only about what we offer but also what we give value to as well.

Making our customers feel like they have something “real”, not cheap and cost-oriented stuff.
Every customer is special for us and our aim is to make our customers see us as their friend, not just a trader.
If we are not using a product ourselves, we do not sell it to anyone.
Our vision

We are building our brand “Wooden Crane” with maximum effort. Our aim is to have a very respectable and high reputable brand in it’s field.

We select our workers very carefully to build an effective team. All of our workers are genius in their field and creating amazing solutions for our customers.

We are aiming to provide our products as cost effective as possible but not with compromising the quality. Instead, we focus on latest and modern production methods that allow us making same product with a cheaper (time, electricity, transportation, labor force etc.) and energy effective method.

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